Open-Realty Templates

You can stop searching, you have now found the BEST place to get your Open-Realty Templates. It might sound like we’re bragging, sorry about that. But after years of using Open-Realty, we have really never found a nice template, with good features and a professional feel.

Time for new Open-Realty templates!

We decided that it’s time that changed, so we started making and releasing Open-Realty templates. We feel that our templates are not only some of the best on the market in terms of aesthetics, but we also think that our Open-Realty templates have more features and options than any others. We’ve designed them to be easy for you to change the logo, company details, social networks, etc. meaning that you can get up and running in no time at all.

We have kept our pricing simple and competitive, we feel that our templates are worth more than 90% of the Open-Realty templates currently on the market, but we want them to be affordable so we have priced them lower than a lot of other templates at $99 or less each!

Can we improve our Open-Realty templates?

Please have a look through the Open-Realty Templates we have on offer, if you like them please let us know(we love getting feedback and may put your comments on the website if that’s ok!), if you think any of them could be improved in any way or if you have an idea for another design then please tell us!

We love to hear constructive criticism so we listen to all your comments. We want our templates to be useful and we want to keep them all fresh and up to date! So please head over to our Open-Realty Templates section and have a look around!

Groundbreaking improvement

We recently released a new version of our most popular template MiModern. It now includes an administration panel for easy customisation to the template. This is an Open-Realty First!

In the coming months we plan to release updated version of some of our other templates adding this template administration panel and of course making them fully responsive.

This will leave all other templates trailing in the distance and validates our claim to having the best templates available!

Orodha Templates

Yes you read right, we have also decided to enter the Orodha template market!

Our first offering is MiModern Template for Orodha which means that our most popular Open Realty template is now available as an Orodha template too!

New Open-Realty Addons

We have just entered the Open-Realty Addon scene with our first release(OR Lightbox) and we have more addons in the pipeline! If there is an addon that you think we should make, then please let us know!