About Open-Realty Templates

I’m Mike and I run Open-Realty Templates which is the main place my templates and themes are sold.

I’ve been using Open-Realty for at least 7 years now and consider myself to be somewhat an expert. I’ve used it for many real estate agents and created great websites for them. the thing I’ve noticed while doing this is that there are very few good quality templates available to use as either a complete solution, or even as a starting point to cut out a lot of work. Because of this I ended up creating my own Open-Realty templates for all my clients and I know that it takes a long time to get it right.

I have had many people approach me through my other websites asking me to design them an Open-Realty Template after seeing the website of one of my existing clients. This is what moved me to start creating Open-Realty templates that could be sold on as standalone templates which can be installed and used right away without any changes to the code unless desired. I’ve tried to keep everything as easy as I can so every theme has ‘options’ which are contained in as few files as possible and that allows you to buy the theme, make a couple of edits to add your telephone and fax numbers, your logo, your address, etc and then you are ready to launch your website.

Professional, but affordable Open-Realty Templates

A lot of time goes into to every Open-Realty Template to make it perfect and I try to update them regularly to keep them current and bug free. Speaking of bugs, if you do spot any then please let me know ASAP via the contact form so I can fix them! I sell lots of copies of my Open-Realty templates because they are pretty much the best available(it’s not just me that thinks that!) Because I sell so many I’m able to keep the costs low. In fact you will find my Open-Realty templates are cheaper than the vast majority of other templates currently available and while I’m not trying to be the cheapest(I want my templates to be high quality) I do try and price my templates at an affordable price.

Please have a look around the website, on the Open-Realty Templates home page you can see a bit more information and then you can head over to the Open-Realty template store and check out the individual templates. There is also a value bundle available, this enables you to buy all of our templates for a fraction of the price, great if you can’t make your mind up!

Thanks for stopping by!