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We’re happy to bring to market the Open-Realty XML Importer addon, which is one of the most popular addon requests. It is an advanced XML listing importer enabling you to import listings from other websites using their XML feeds, custom mapping the fields to your Open-Realty listing fields in the process.

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As long as you have a valid and properly formatted XML file to use, you can import listings contained within it. When importing the listings all images and listing data is also importerd. Fields, town/city names and property classes in the XML file can also be mapped/changed to others when importing.

Once an XML file is added you can run the import which creates a listing on your site for every listing in the XML file. It will also delete listings no longer in the XML file and updates any listings which have been modified since the last import to make sure your listings database is always up to date.

There is also a nifty feature allowing you to delete all properties imported from a specific feed without deleting the feed and all field map data!


XML Importer Features list:

  • Create custom field maps to match your database
  • Imports all listings and any associated images
  • Limit imports by number or price & change titles
  • Deletes obsolete listings when importing
  • Import as specific agent
  • Built to work with Open-Realty v3.x
  • ionCube Loader is required to use this addon


If you need any help with anything that is not included in the bundled documentation or in the Open-Realty Documentation then please don’t hesitate to ask via the support page.


As this addon is developed the following features are planned to be added, if you would like to suggest any additional features then please let us know.

  • Map nested elements to Open-Realty fields
  • Improved addon GUI
  • Improve ‘IGNORE’ use when mapping
  • Add option to allow images to be linked to instead if imported
  • Add ability to convert currencies
  • Add ability to automate import with CRON jobs

Change Log

Version 0.1 – Initial release

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