MiModern – Version 2

Today is a big day. Today we have released version 2 of our most popular template MiModern and there are some big improvements!

Admin Area Settings

This is a world first for Open-Realty, MiModern is the first Open-Realty template to include an admin area settings page so that you can easily customize the most common settings of the template to add your company information, logo, social networks, and change the layout and colors!

It’s a pretty big deal 🙂

MiModern Template Settings

MiModern Template Settings

Fully Responsive

Another first! MiModern is now the first fully mobile responsive Open-Realty template. That means that whatever the device being used to view your website, it will always look good and remain usable!

MiModern Open-Realty Template Home

MiModern Open-Realty Template Home


Layout Options

One of the options in the settings area enables you to switch your site between ‘boxed’ or ‘full width’, by changing one option your website can be boxed or fill the screen. You can now choose the layout that suits your business, if you choose boxed there are 15 different background patterns to choose from.

There are also options to change the colors used on your website so that it can fully integrate and match your company branding.


We hope you’ll enjoy using MiModern as much as we enjoyed carefully coding it. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve it even further then please let us know on the support page.

If you’ve already purchased MiModern and would like to upgrade, then please get in touch for a discount on the new version!