Most Requested Addon – XML Importer

Today is a big day. Since we first launched our website in June 2014, without a doubt the number 1 most requested addon has been an XML Importer addon. What people have requested is an addon to import listings from an XML file with advanced mapping so that all listing data and images are imported into their website as if they were listed manually by hand. This means that with such an addon even smaller agents can appeal to a larger audience by becoming a one stop shop having listed properties from various surrounding agents.

We are pleased that we can today, finally announce that we have completed the first version of the XML Importer addon which will do all of the above, below is a brief rundown of some of the features, if you’d rather proceed straight to the addon page then please click here: Open-Realty XML Importer Addon

Some of this powerful addons features include:

  • XML Import – The ability to import from a wide array of XML files provided they are correctly formatted
  • Field Mapping – The powerful mapping feature enables you to re-map fields in the XML to match those on your website
  • Image import – Instead of linking to images on another website, all images are imported to your website
  • Clear Properties – If you need to delete all properties imported from a specific feed you can, at the click of a button!
  • Open-Realty API – XML Importer makes full use of the Open-Realty API where possible meaning that importing is quick
  • Limit Imports – If you’d rather import just a few listings, you can. You can also only import properties within a custom price bracket
  • Custom Titles – You can customize titles using features of the listing using the build in title builder
  • Multiple Feeds – XML Import has been built to be able to support many different XML feeds being used together

As you can see the very first version of this addon is already very powerful, however there are some limitations which we plan to improve as time goes on, if you have any requests then please let us know. At present here is the roadmap of features we plan to add and improvements we plan to make in the future:

  • Map nested elements to Open-Realty fields – At present nested elements don’t work, we plan to add this in a future release
  • Improved addon GUI – We are happy with the GUI as it is, but it can still be improved, as we get your feedback we will make tweaks to future versions
  • Improve ‘IGNORE’ use when mapping – You can ignore towns, when importing and only import listings in certain areas by typing ‘IGNORE’ in the box, but we plan to improve this too
  • Add option to allow images to be linked to instead if imported, some people prefer the images to not be downloaded
  • Add ability to convert currencies. Sometimes a feed may contain prices in a different currency, when we find the best way to convert these we will add the ability to
  • Add ability to automate import with CRON jobs. Some people will want to import manually, others will want listings to be updated on a regular basis automatically, this is something we plan to add

As you will see on the addon page we are offering the addon for sale at two price points. If you want just the addon and to install it yourself, it’s $299, but if you’d like us to install it for you and set up your first feed, that’s $349. We can also customize the addon for you, we can hardcode nested fields for example if you need them adding, or we can change it to work with some non-standard XML feeds, contact us for a quote if this is what you need.

We hope you love this addon and it makes running your business easier and more convenient!